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Security guard services company in Ontario, CA

Precision in Protection, Excellence in Service

We take pride in our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier security solutions. Our focus on precision ensures that every aspect of your safety is meticulously handled, while our dedication to excellence guarantees unparalleled service quality.

Gladiator Security Services

Defining Security Standards in California

Gladiator Security Services is based in Ontario CA. GSS provides private security guards to residential as well as big companies and commercial establishments in California. GSS is an association of security professionals united by the highest standards of integrity, quality, and respect. We have worked hand on with local law enforcement, retired sheriff and police officers. GSS has provided private security services from high profile clients to local community facilities. We pride ourselves in world class customer service. We are dedicated to providing efficient and cost effective services to our clients. We know and understand that the level of protection is diverse from Business to Business. Our security guards are well trained and highly professional.

We stress an image of excellence and make sure all our security officers look the part, know the part, and execute with excellence. Gladiator Security Services provides personalized and professional service programs to enhance the value of our customers business. Our methodology, besides giving world class customer service is to detect, deter, observe, and report.

Why Choose

Gladiator Security Services

When it comes to security, excellence is our standard. Here’s why you should choose Gladiator Security Services for your protection needs:


Gladiator Security Services moral imperative is to provide you with sincerity and truthfulness in assessing your security needs, addressing those needs and giving you the best return on investment for your trust.


Gladiator Security Services management and employees pledge to provide you with reliable service that is on time and seamless from start to finish.


Gladiator Security Services management and employees will be on duty in their areas of responsibility on time to deliver courteous, stable and vigilant security at all your locations for the duration of the contract period.


Gladiator Security Services management will assign security personnel according to your personality and needs. The selection is a deliberate step to ensure that the employee’s personality matches your characteristics, a key to a satisfactory and stable security experience.

Safety Starts Here

Exceeding Expectations, Ensuring Security

Our vision is to be the best provider of security services in California. We are committed to utilizing our hard work and dedication to achieve, and foster a reputation of “Under promising, and Over Delivering.

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Our 24/7 Commitment to Your Safety

At Gladiator Security Services, we’re dedicated to safeguarding your well-being around the clock. Our unwavering commitment to your safety never sleeps, providing you with 24/7 peace of mind.