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Discover the wide range of security solutions offered by Gladiator Security Services. From residential protection to safeguarding large companies and commercial establishments, our dedicated team of trained professionals is here to ensure your safety. Our services are designed to meet diverse security needs, providing tailored solutions for all types of clients. Explore our service offerings and experience the difference with Gladiator Security Services.”We stress an image of excellence and make sure all our security officers look the part, know the part, and execute with excellence. Gladiator Security Services provides personalized and professional service programs to enhance the value of our customers business. Our methodology, besides giving world class customer service is to detect, deter, observe, and report.
Our professional, VIP, and political clients who require direct assistance utilize our Executive Protection Services. We provide personal safety and integrity reinforcement. We are experienced with contingency and logistic planning, detailed itineraries, comprehensive reports, and a controlled environment are critical in planning and safety of our clients’ needs.
Gladiator Security Services understands the importance of properly secured real-estate and property. Our security services presents tenants with a reassuring environment. Our officers are also a deterrent against burglary, arson and vandalism. Unprotected access, parking and common areas are not only dangerous but can ultimately lead to decreased property value and loss property damage.
The security and monitoring of freight is essential. All access and inventory are required to be accurately time logged. Physical inspections and supervision are needed to deter vandalism and assure inventory accuracy to our clients needs.
Special occasions with unique requirements, always requires event reinforcement. Effective event management will require crowd, media, privacy and traffic control. Preventive measures to secure your staff and guest are our top priority.
Adequate supervision and security of a construction site is imperative. Vandalism, graffiti, and theft strain production, finances and threaten deadlines. Preventive measures taken to secure equipment and property can improve production and decrease financial loss.
Transportation accommodations catering to your specific itinerary require detailed planning. Gladiator Security Services specializes in secured airport, point-to-point and corporate transportation.
A Healthcare Facilities overall activity at times can present a hostile and volatile situation, which insures the need for maintaining a calm and peaceful environment. Security personnel will provide a level of visible deterrent to prevent irate clients from becoming violent or belligerent and unruly. The facility must provide a safe, calm, secure, peaceful environment for employees and patients and provide protection to buildings, contents and guard against theft, and vandalism on the premises. One of the major tasks of providing security at these facilities is adapting to rapidly changing environments. It is imperative that the individual security guard personnel be able to use his/her discretion in dealing with patients, visitors and staff.

Secured campus and recreational areas are produced from strategic planning and assertive execution. Reduced arrest offenses, hate crimes and disciplinary actions are possible with a comprehensive defensive strategic plan implemented.

Other Industries Serviced:

  • Corporate Buildings/Business Parks
  • Manufacturing
  • AutoDealers/Auctions Parking Lots
  • Hotel Security
  • Strikes/Union Disputes
  • Movie Studios
  • Clubs/Restaurants
  • Mosques/Churches/Synagogues
  • and many more…
Our search and rescue services are at the forefront of innovation, utilizing cutting-edge drone technology to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. When it comes to detecting fires and conducting search and rescue missions, we harness the power of drones to cover ground quickly, access remote locations, and provide real-time data. Trust us to be your reliable partner in times of need, where every second counts, and every life is a priority.